Year founded: 1953

Number of Members: 65

Countries in which group has members:

UK, South Africa, USA, Canada, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Brazil

Other Organisations Affiliated with:

APS ( Affiliate no. 196)
Southern African Philatelic federation
Association of British Philatelic Societies

Collecting Areas:

All aspects of the philately of the Orange Free State and the Orange River Colony. Includes the Sovereignty period to 1854, the Republic to 1900; the British occupation; the Colonial period to 1910; the Interprovincial period. The stamps issues ( including postage, Commando Briefs, R.D.M. franks, revenues, telegraphs, custom duty, railway ); all post marks and postal markings; postal rates (letter, postcards, registration fees); postal orders; all campaign mail ( including Anglo Boer War)

Activities and Services Offered:

Meetings ( mainly London or members homes); occasionally November in Leamington Spa
Postal bid auctions ( once a year if sufficient material is submitted)
President's Cup ( best article submitted to the Orange Free State Bulletin in any year)

Name of Journal:

Orange Free State Bulletin ISSN 0959-2814; published quartlerly

Other Publications ( all published by the Study Circle and obtainable from the Study Circle):

The Stamps of the Orange Free State. G.D. Buckley & W.B. Marriott. Three Volumes

Volume 1 - The Republican Era 1854 - 1900 . Pub 1966 ( currently out of stock)
Volume 2 - The British Occupation 1900. Pub 1971
Volume 3 - Orange River Colony 1900-1913. Pub 1976

Postal History Maps of the Orange Free State and Orange River Colony 1850 - 1910